Baby It’s Cold Outside

March 31, 2023 2 min read

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Now that the daily temperature has dropped and continues to sit at increasingly brisk levels, you’d be forgiven for whacking the heating on until the blossoms bloom in September. Were it not for the current state of energy prices and a semblance of environmental awareness that is.

 If, like us, you’re really feeling the chill but get the guilt's if you have the heating on too long, why not take a leaf out of your great granny’s book of life and incorporate some cheaper, and more Earth friendly solutions to keeping warm.

If you haven’t seen them yet, the humble ‘hottie’ has had a make-over. Much like a traditional hot water bottle (and surprisingly only requiring the same amount of water to fill), the YUYU Bottle is great for warming the bed or warming your lap. But with its long form, flexibility, and softness plus innovative and ergonomically designed range of covers (Belgian linen, Organic Japanese cotton and cashmere- Oh my!) the YUYU enables you to wear it hands free in multiple ways. While nostalgia might be the key to the enduring appeal of the hot-water bottle, there is also an increasingly persuasive environmental argument for “wearing” one. Richard Yu, YUYU’s founder and CEO commissioned research which concluded that: 

"If everyone in London turned down their heating by just three degrees, supplementing with a hot-water bottle, it would save 8.6m kg of CO2 – the equivalent of 19.3m flights from London to New York."

In our house of a morning the kids rumble down the stairs to the living room where favourite blankets are bickered over while we wait for our hydronic heating to take the edge off. If you haven’t yet invested in a great all-rounder throw blanket, they really are a must. Cozy blankets add softness and texture to sofas, living spaces and bedrooms plus are an essential tool for staying toasty and helping to reduce the need for additional heating. 


Another simple and increasingly more stylish option is the robe. Going by an array of monikers these days (dressing gown, bath robe, lounge robe, house coat, robe de chambre, yukata) and available in a selection of premium fabrics, the robe needn't be reserved for spa days or Leo DiCaprio on his St.Tropez yacht. Donning a robe over your pj's or loungewear is a fantastic way to stave off the morning or evening chills. Not to mention makes you look like a total boss. Our collection of robes are unisex and are available in a range of fabrications and styles. 

When the weather is not your friend or when you really don't need to heat the whole house, why not turn down your heating and cosy up with your YUYU, a glorious blanket, a pair of lush socks and a robe? Lower your CO2 emissions while also lowering your utility bills. A win-win for you and the planet.

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